Hello there, it’s been so many days since I arrived and I have been making new friends everyday. For grown-ups a friend is different and for me a friend is not the same as it is for a you all.

A few of my friends make funny noises when Mumma squeezes them, they basically squeak so that I can laugh. A few of them I hold in my hand and smile at or talk to. A few of them are just to chew on, when I am really hungry or when I just feel like chewing. I am not always hungry you see.OK wait, you are wondering why I am talking about friends now, well it is because I have got a new friend.

She wears a hat or fascinator, not sure which one is that, a beautiful blue frock and matching shoes. She makes me happy whenever I see her. She is my cuddle friend and I also chew on her hat and she never gets annoyed. We have sleepovers in my crib, we talk a lot before we fall asleep, but she goes missing by the time I wake up. It happens all time and she told me it was Mumma, who puts her away so that i don’t roll over her while sleeping. I know, Mummaass….

This is my new friend

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